Hairbrained Schemes’ designer Tyler Carpenter resigns after sexual harassment claims

Harebrained Schemes designer Tyler Carpenter has left the company after at least six women have taken to social media to accuse him of sexual abuse and harassment.

Carpenter spoke to Waypoint, confirming that he is resigning from Harebrained Schemes "for the good of HBS and my victims" and "There doesn’t need to be any inquiry because, frankly, everything is true.”

The Waypoint article does a good job of detailed the accusations, which range from inappropriate groping, to emotional manipulation and constant unwanted verbal advances.

“Believe every accusation,” Carpenter told Waypoint. “I don’t recall each one, and some I have a different recollection of, but obviously the sheer mass of shared experiences means that I’m the one who’s got a faulty memory, not them. I hurt, emotionally manipulated, and wrong [sic ]every one of those accusers due to my own selfishness, thoughtlessness, and need for validation.”

Hairbrained Schemes was recently acquired by strategy outfit Paradox Interactive after the success of mech RPG Battletech. They’ve issued the statement below on Twitter.

The company has confirmed Carpenter’s departure.

More and more allegations of manipulative behaviour and gaslighting are piling up against Carpenter on Twitter, and while the apology does show some contrition, it seems more important to think about the fact that Carpenter has confirmed that several of these allegations are true, rather than the apology issued after what he himself admits is several instances of abuse. 

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