Best-selling game uses popular middleware solution

Halo 3 developed using Havok Physics

Havok’s been proudly talking up the part it played in the release of Halo 3 last week; developer Bungie used the firm’s Physics tools to power behaviours in the game.

Objects, character models and environments are more immersive, says Havok. Bungie previously used the software in Halo 2.

"Havok’s flexibility and ease of use have made it one of our cornerstone development tools and almost a recognizable "character" within the Halo 3 engine. Its elegance and scalability mean that it adds features and value to our engine, and yet integrates seamlessly without impacting performance." said Eamon McKenzie, physics engineer at Bungie Studios

“We are very proud to have been involved with the development of the global phenomenon that is Halo 3.This final chapter in the Halo trilogy is a fantastic first person shooter game with a great array of characters and weapons.” added David O’Meara, MD of Havok. “The use of cutting edge physics by the talented development team at Bungie in creating the reactive environments in Halo 3 adds to the tension and excitement for the player, ensuring the cult status of this historic game.”

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