Former Bungie and DICE men found new studio in Seattle

Halo and Battlefield vets form Tyrant Studios

Senior staff from well known franchises such as Halo and Battlefield have come together to form Tyrant Studios.

Based in Seattle, USA, the new outfit has recently entered into talks for its first game and is based around ‘an innovative production model’ where in contributing team members hail ‘from around the world’ – which we take to mean a mix of outsourcing and telecommuting.

Tyrant is led by exec producer Hardy LeBel and lead designer Anders Hejdenberg.

LeBel previously worked as lead designer on Bungie’s Oni and Halo: Combat Evolved, and as a design consultant for Halo 2. As a design director for Microsoft Games Studios, he worked with the likes of Bioware on Jade Empire,and Gas Powered Games on Dungeon Siege 2. LeBel was also the creative director for Zipper Interactive.

Hejdenberg, meanwhile, was lead designer for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, design consultant for Battlefield 2142, and project director for Futurama.

“We’re excited to announce the formation of Tyrant and share our vision for the future of game development,” said LeBel.

“Our first project is the result of months of preproduction and planning – and with our collected experience, we believe we’ll change the way games are made.”

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