Joe Staten heads back to Halo publisher's internal studios after 15 years at Bungie

Halo, Destiny writer returns to Microsoft

The former writer and design director on Destiny has returned to Microsoft to work on an unannounced project, Microsoft has confirmed.

Joseph Staten worked at Bungie for 15 years from the original Halo, only leaving the studio midway through development on the upcoming next-gen shooter Destiny in search of “new creative challenges.”

The news that Staten was coming back to Microsoft broken via Twitter by Mike Ybarra (retweeted by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb) earlier this evening on the US West Coast.

Bungie broke away from Microsoft after Halo Reach, so Staten’s return to Microsoft could well mean a return to the franchise now handled by internal studio 343 Industries.

Whatever his specific role on any upcoming projects, Staten’s LinkedIn page lists him as a senior creative director at Microsoft.

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