Halo Reach more popular than Halo 3

The Halo: Reach Xbox 360 beta attracted more players on day one than Halo 3 did during its complete beta period, it has been revealed.

A Machanima video featured official stats from developer Bungie which included the claim, according to Destructoid.

On the first day of the Halo: Reach beta over 14m games were played over a cumulative 30 years. And almost 160m kills were also made online.

The beta first kicked off on May 3rd and went on to attract over 1m Xbox 360 users in one day after some early glitches were fixed. Over the past 24 hours over 1m games have been played and 680,000 players logged online.

The full Halo: Reach game will be released for Xbox 360 this autumn.

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