Updated team management tool improves agile scaling for 'super large' companies

Hansoft 7.5 goes live

The latest version of team collaboration and management tool Hansoft has gone live.

Hansoft 7.5 includes a number of new changes designed to scale its agile software to ‘super large’ companies.

One addition is flexible release tagging, which allows the targeting of several releases in one sprint, and lets developers do release planning in the product backlog.

Further new features include the ability to archive releases, improvements to the product backlog window, the ability for all users to share reports and allowing main managers to add or remove users to projects.

“Hansoft 7.5 contains a number of improvements based on user-feedback, especially from our enterprise clients using Hansoft to scale agile super-large," said Hansoft CEO Patric Palm.

"Compared to other tools, Hansoft has proven particularly fit in large development environments with several parallel development streams, for the teams, programs and on the portfolio level. These organisations typically have complex release trains, use multiple developments methods and work on different OS platforms."

Vist the official website for more information.

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