Swadesh Animation adopts Swedish project management tools

Hansoft inks Indian licencing deal

Indian studio Swadesh Animation has licenced Hansoft project management tools for work across several projects.

“Hansoft has, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, allowed our team to become really successful with Scrum,” said Swadesh director Prasenjit Medhi.

“We can now have multiple teams working across multiple projects, ranging from small art sub-projects and mobile phone apps, all the way up to MMOG scale games

“Moreover Hansoft is, unlike other project management tools, really easy to learn and we got everyone in the teams going with the barest amount of training.”

Hansoft CEO Patric Palm described the deal as fairly typical of that which his firm generally finds itself making.

“Many of our customers are in the middle of a project when they move over to Hansoft from their previous tools,” he explained.

“These smooth transitions wouldn’t be possible without the ease of use of Hansoft, making teams swiftly up and running without any extensive training.

“Swadesh Animation is working on many exciting projects at the same time, small and big, and often in a distributed environment. We are very proud to have them onboard as a new customer.”

Medhi went on to outline Swadesh Animations ongoing work with the tools package.

“Hansoft’s ability to scale from Gantt++ project planning to a fully fledged Scrum tool including product backlog, sprint & release burndown, QA and document storage, is impressive and the tool is deservedly amongst the most popular tool amongst game studios and agile software development teams,” he said.

“Setting up Hansoft was as easy as setting up your own cloud account, we installed Hansoft on a virtual cloud server and then we were live.

“One does not need a separate server or SQL database, or even a separate web server. It is all included with Hansoft.”

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