Latest iteration to launch at GDC next week

Hansoft readies version 5.3 of project management solution

Hansoft has announced that its eponymous project management software has hit version 5.3, and will officially launch next week at GDC in San Francisco.

One of the key features of the new version is the asset pipeline tool, which the company says is ‘a feature many developers have been waiting for’.

”We have had in-depth discussions with studios for quite some time on how to take the heavy manual work out of managing asset pipelines. Many teams are also experiencing that it’s hard to combine an agile process like scrum with the linear nature of asset creation. This became a large and very exiting research project on our side and we are now releasing Hansoft 5.3 where art pipelines can be created in parallel with sign-off workflows to make asset creation more lean,” said Hans Andersson, development director at Hansoft.

 “Every day we get large amounts of great feedback from clients that we use to continuously make improvements of Hansoft. Some updates are small but significant for the everyday user experience and some are large, like the new report generator. That was originally based on feedback from QA managers that wanted the reporting in the bug database part of Hansoft to be more powerful."

New features in v5.3 as described by Hamsoft are: Asset pipeline tool that can manage complex, parallel, and nested flows of art creation in both agile and scheduling projects; Workflows tool to edit and apply a workflow on any kind of item in Hansoft. Use it for art sign off, quality iterations or user story testing; New report generator. Create and share reports with co-workers using Hansoft’s visual query builder, new query language and grouping functionality; Updated integration SDK. Access and use pipelines, workflows and reports in a simple manner in the SDK. This enables advanced integration with asset management systems as well as making it easier to integrate Hansoft with external report systems such as executive dashboards and business intelligence tools; Many improvements on the agile and QA feature sets in Hansoft to make everyday usage of Hansoft even smoother; and performance enhancements. Less time to synchronize when you connect to the Hansoft server. Handling a large number of documents over global distances is faster.

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