Project management and QA SDK firm launches latest iteration of popular, eponymous tool

Hansoft unveils version 6.1

Hansoft has released the new 6.1 version of its well-regarded project management tool.

The new version of Hansoft includes extensive support for the lean development technique Kanban, with the ability to handle multiple parallel swimlanes of workflow.

“Kanban is hot in the development community right now and we are proud to introduce, not only the most extensive and easy to use support for Kanban, but also a unique support for Kanbans with multiple swimlanes of workflow,” said Hansoft chief development officer Hans Andersson.

“Hansoft has the ability to combine Lean and Kanban with other methods such as Scrum and Gantt scheduling in the same project or program. We strongly believe that a tool should be flexible to the needs and differences of organisations, rather than dictating the process.”

Hansoft 6.1 also features more powerful release and sprint burndowns with graphical metrics for points and ideal days, as well as more extensive XML export/import of data into Hansoft.

“Hansoft 6.1 increases visibility on project and program progress and makes forecasting and long term planning easier,” Andersson continued.

“The improved export and import functionality makes migration to Hansoft from other tools fast and easy, and you don’t have to worry about losing any data in the move.”

Major new features in Hansoft 6.1 include Kanban support in the wall view, the ability to create Kanbans with multiple parallel swim lanes.

Extensive export to spreadsheet functionality is also featured, allowing exports of all information from Hansoft to xls. XML import and import of data into Hansoft with full support for custom columns features for easy migration from other tools.

Release burndown with work remaining, points or ideal days directly in the project schedule are also new, alongside sprint burndowns with support for points, ideal days and graphical comparisons in the project view.

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