Australian indie giant Krome first to sign up to new Independent Developer Program

Havok gets indie-friendly with discount deal

Leading middleware group Havok has unveiled its new service for independent studios, offering the chance to freely prototype with the entire range of Havok tools at reduced prices.

Independent studios can now sign up to the Havok Independent Developer Program – an annual agreement that provides access to any of Havok’s tools at any point throughout the agreement period.

Brisbane-based developer Krome is the first studio to sign up to the deal.

The Viva Piñata Party Animals developer now has access to products and technologies including Havok Animation, Havok AI, Havok Behavior, Havok Cloth, Havok Destruction and, of course, Havok Physics.

The Independent Developer Program also provides studios with Havok’s dedicated customer support service.

Havok’s managing director David O’Meara said that the new program would minimize risks and costs.

Krome CEO Robert Walsh said the program would give his studio “flexibility to innovate”.

Said Walsh: “Krome has the unique opportunity to develop multiple prototypes using Havok’s world class products and then, if required, to license those technologies from Havok.

“Havok has ascended from being just a middleware provider to becoming an instrumental business partner. Havok enables Krome to manage its risk during development and allows it the freedom to explore fresh possibilities with Havok’s technology.”

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