Conduit team looks to PS3 and 360 development with the Ghostbusters engine

High Voltage licenses the Infernal Engine

Conduit developer High Voltage has paid for a lifetime license to use Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine.

The Illinois-based studio has in recent months unveiled game projects for the Wii that will use its internally-produced engine, Quantum 3.

However, in expanding its view to PS3 and 360 development, the group has opted to develop games powered by the Infernal Engine. 

Terminal Reality’s tech has been used for a wide variety of game projects, from Namco Bandai’s Food Network to the recently-released Ghostbusters.

“We already have the most advanced Wii technology available,” claimed High Voltage founder Kerry Ganofsky.

“By incorporating some of the best PS3/360 technology, we are able to really push the envelope with our next wave of titles.”

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