Shroud middleware 'really helps Agent 47 look good in a suit'

Hitman studio chooses CloakWorks’ cloth tech

Io Interactive, Denmark’s biggest game studio, has licensed CloakWorks’ advanced cloth physics tech for its upcoming Hitman project.

The cloth simulation technology, called Shroud, is being used to create real-time dynamic interactive clothing within the next Hitman game, due 2012.

“Shroud allowed us to reach new creative heights with Hitman: Absolution,” the game’s director Tore Blystadt said.

“It was quick and easy to implement into our engine and tool chain, and it really helps Agent 47 look good in his suit… and you know how good Hitman likes to look”, he added.

CloakWorks company president Joe van den Heuvel said Shroud would help Io Interactive bring “a new level of realism to the game’s graphics”.

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