Realtime World's Russell Murray on improving your chances with that new job

How to get a better job in production

Today we have published our third guide to improving your chances when applying for a new job, as part of our ongoing recruitment special.

Speaking with Develop, Realtime Worlds’ production manager Russell Murray gives essential advice on preparing CVs, attending interviews, passing tests and relevant qualifications especially for production.

"With the complexity and scale of projects we develop, we now look for producers to be able to do more than milestone planning and tracking and issue resolution," explained Murray.

"Producers must also be able to delegate to and drive a large hierarchy of managers to build and maintain team momentum, deal with changes in project scope, analyse and improve team working practices, and plan around project risk… and keep smiling throughout."

To read the full feature click here. To find out more about preparing for a job in art, click here, or follow this link to read about bettering your chances when applying for a job in coding.

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