Intel Developer Blog: Follow this tutorial to ensure your mobile titles no longer rely on a constant connection

How to make your Android database apps work offline

If your app relies on a back end server to provide its data, you need to make sure the app still offers a great experience when the user is offline.

People understand that they can’t get a connection everywhere, but they still expect their apps to work seamlessly, and synchronise when the connection becomes available again.

That’s why Ashok Emani has written a tutorial for Intel Developer Zone outlining how you can handle data synchronisation and offline capabilities. Ashok uses the standard Android APIs, an SQLite database, and content provider APIs.

The tutorial has two parts:

This tutorial is one of the many free resources available in the Android section of Intel Developer Zone, which offers tools, tips and tutorials to support you as you develop, test and publish your apps.

This blog post is sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone, which helps you to develop, market and sell software and apps for prominent platforms and emerging technologies powered by Intel® Architecture.

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