Towerfall is first-ever console title on the indie sales platform

Humble Store now offers Ouya games

The Humble Bundle has opened sales on its first-ever console title available exclusively on the Ouya.

Towerfall, billed as an archery combat platformer, is currently available only on the Ouya Android microconsole, is the first console exclusive game to appear on a Humble Bundle sales platform.

Until now, Humble Bundle has stayed close to its roots as a PC indie game sales platform, offering only the occasional sale of Android-powered mobile games as an alternative to the usual mix of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux Games.

"We’re excited to partner with OUYA and Matt Thorson to offer TowerFall on the Humble Store," said Humble Bundle co-founder and COO John Graham/

“This is the first console game ever offered on Humble Bundle and we look forward to offering more console games in the future."

The Humble Bundle has always stuck to a guiding principle of openness, so while Towerfall might not be available on multiple platforms, it is at least available for purchase on an open platform.

The release of Towerfall suggests the possibility of more Ouya games on the for-indies-by-indies Humble Bundle.

As always with the newly launched Humble Store, 10 percent of all proceeds will be donated to charity.

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