Peter Molyneux, Mark Rein, Alice Taylor and Joseph Olin set for keynotes at the Newcastle event

Ian Livingstone to host GameHorizon

Eidos life president Ian Livingstone has been booked to host GameHorizon, marking the third time the industry veteran has attended the upcoming trade event.

Livingstone, whose career in the industry stretches back to the early eighties, said that GameHorizon is the only game conference in Europe that explores future industry trends.

“A sea change is happening in both the delivery and consumption of games content,” he said.

“Today there are more opportunities than ever to create new ways of playing and for content creators to engage with their audiences. And with change comes excitement. How could I resist an invitation to host the only European conference that focuses on future trends?

“I expect the conference to provide delegates with a valuable insight into the business, content and technology future of the games industry. Great speakers make for a great experience, but there will also be great networking and partnership opportunities. It should be a lot of fun.”

MGS Europe Creative Director Ian Livingstone will be offering a keynote at the event, as will Epic’s Mark Rein, Channel 4’s Alice Taylor and AIAS’ Joseph Olin.

The two-day conference opens June 29, and will take place in Gateshead, Newcastle.

Conference director Carri Cunliffe said that Livingstone brings a unique quality to the table at trade events.

“Ian is a host who understands the industry inside out, asks the tough questions and also injects humour into what is at times a very serious conference,” she said.

“Feedback on Mr Livingstone proved there could be no substitute – it’s a quality production and we need a quality host. I can’t wait to see him in action!”

Early bird rates will save attendees as much as £125


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