Media group Zenimax raised the figure in debt financing

id acquisition worth at least $105m

Maryland-based media empire Zenimax media had raised $105 million in debt financing to facilitate the acquisition of landmark Texan developer id.

That’s according to an SEC filing, found here.

The public filing itself did not disclose the total amount Zenimax put forward to acquire id, and it’s not known if the $105 million itself was enough to secure the purchase of the company.

ZeniMax’s $105 million was accumulated by seven investors, though none were identified.

Back in 2008, Zenimax had secured $9.9 in VC funding, though the year prior it had set aside a colossal $300 million to use for acquisitions.

Zenimax – which had acquired Bethesda Softworks back in 2004 – boasts a number of entertainment industry luminaries on its board of directors, including prominent film producer and game industry convert Jerry Bruckheimer.

New to the board is id Software president Todd Hollenshead.

The acquisition of id at the hands of Zenimax sparked widespread reaction to the deal. While John Romero called the move “disgusting”, Cliff Bleszinski told Develop the move will ultimately be a good thing for the developer.

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