And itâ??s all because of the ZeniMax acquisition, says John Carmack

id set to develop â??three new AAA titlesâ??

id co-founder John Carmack has said that the developer is preparing to work on three new ‘AAA projects’.

Speaking during id’s keynote conference in Dallas, Texas, Carmack boasted that the company has a wealth of IP to choose from.

“The big question is what are those three IPs going to be? Is it going to be a Rage 2, a Wolfenstein title, a Quake title? We really don’t know yet.”

He added, however, that “there’s more to throw on these titles here.”

“We are staffing up a third team internally,” Carmack said. “We will eventually be producing three AAA titles.”

“We still have this problem of having more good IPs than we can develop, even if we do staff up to three teams.”

Carmack said that the studio’s ambition to build three new titles has only been made possible from Zenimax’s recent buyout of the company.

“We have more resources to make steps that we wouldn’t make [if] left to our own,” he said.

“For people playing games, the [ZeniMax acquisition] is such a pure win. There’s no downside to this at all. We are still down here in Texas, they are leaving us alone, we are still building our products here.”

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