Renowned developer and engine group appears unconvinced by Sonyâ??s 3D-specs push

id Software boss snubs home-3D

The co-founder of distinguished game studio id Software isn’t yet convinced by the industry’s aim for mass-market 3D gaming.

“[With home-3D] you still need to sit in your living room wearing these glasses,” Todd Hollenshead said in an interview with Eurogamer.

“And then if you’re playing games and move your head then it can get out of phase, which is a major issue.”

id Software has attained widespread esteem for its longstanding and unremitting builds of cutting-edge technology. Each version of its id-Tech engine, upon release, is vehemently and repeatedly hailed as a new industry benchmark.

Yet the company is not opposed to emerging and diverse technologies, and technical director John Carmack’s Twitter feed is indicative of a company balancing interest in both supercomputing and mobile gaming.

Nevertheless, the new frontier of 3D gaming appears to not be high on the priority list for id Software.

Said Hollenshead: "My most recent [enjoyable] experience with 3D was with the movie Avatar, which everybody has seen.

“Even then, I was a little annoyed that I had to wear these glasses for two hours in a movie. My nose hurt by the end of it.”

“And also,” he added, “the TVs are fucking expensive. Is there enough content to justify?”

Hollenshead’s views on Nintendo’s 3DS – a system which removes the need for stereoscopic specs – remain unknown for now.

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