Updated development platform promises greater developer autonomy on iOS and Android

Ideaworks Labs releases Airplay SDK 4.4

Ideaworks Labs today released the 4.4 version of its Airplay SDK.

The latest build of the the tech outfit’s proprietary development toolset lets developers build applications using a single code base before deploying natively to multiple mobile platforms and devices.

Version 4.4 introduces the new Extensions Development Kit, which lets users extend Airplay’s multi-platform APIs so they can access any OS-specific APIs and third-party libraries they choose.

Airplay SDK 4.4 is a major turning point for multi-platform development,” said Tim Closs, CTO of Ideaworks Labs. “With the addition of the Extensions Development Kit, Airplay SDK has strengthened its position as the most efficient, powerful and flexible platform for simultaneous development of rich apps and games across iOS, Android and other smart phone and tablet platforms.

"We’re excited to work with the Airplay developer community to use the EDK in building a rich ecosystem of extension APIs and integrations with third-party services.”

The newly released Airplay SDK also caters for the development of previously unsupported models of apps including augmented reality and photography, with three new camera and imaging APIs, as detailed by a statement to the press:

• Snapshot – Developers can take a picture using the OS camera app, and return the image to the app or the device image store

• Image stream — Developers can stream the camera image to the device display, and draw over it

• Image load/save – Using the OS image store app, developers can either load an image from, or save an image to, the device’s image store.

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