While less than half believe that labour laws protect them from their employers

IGDA: Only 36% of devs know their worker rights

Only a third of developers know their labour rights, a new study has revealed.

Over 2,500 industry members had been asked if they fully understood the labour laws in their own region. 36 per cent of respondents claimed they did, but a fifth revealed they had no understanding of their rights.

The majority – 46 per cent – claimed they only knew little about their labour laws.

The data comes as part of a new push to educate workers’ rights in the wake of the ‘Rockstar wives’ scandal.

The International Game Developers Association has established a new Quality of Life Special Interest Group, and the association has kick-started its new initiative with a wide-ranging survey of its membership.

The full details of that survey will be offered at the upcoming Game Developers Conference, but Develop has been granted an exclusive sneak peek at some of its most critical findings.

The preliminary results show that 42 per cent of those surveyed believed existing labour laws protected them from a grievance between employer and employee. However, 47 per cent of the 2,159 respondents were unsure if they did, with the remaining 11 per cent claiming that labour laws wouldn’t provide protection.

Develop’s exclusive look at the IGDA survey can be found here.

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