Reich project still alive; Florida studio closure confirmed; UK team down but not out

Ignition comes clean on cuts and cancellations

Ignition Entertainment has spoken candidly on a traumatic year in 2010 when it had to close studios, cut staff and axe projects.

Shane Bettenhausen, the firm’s business development director, clarified that Ignition’s Florida outfit has shut doors, that its Reich project lives on in a new guise, and that the UK studio has been spared of total closure.

“I’ll admit the office in Florida did close down,” Bettenhausen said in an interview with Siliconera.

Ignition Florida’s recent collapse reportedly left some 70 developers without a job, and was said to have put the Reich project to a premature end.

The publisher had only spoken briefly of these developments. In the case of Reich’s fate there appeared to be mixed messages, while the extent of the cuts to Ignition’s London studio was unknown.

Bettenhausen explained that the project isn’t necessarily been cancelled, “but the form it was taking previously isn’t there anymore”.

“The project is going to be reworked,” he added.

“I can’t really comment on those so much.”

Bettenhausen, a former games journalist, added that the UK studio “isn’t actually gone, but is smaller”.

Elaborating on a tumultuous year, he said: “Ignition, at the end of last year, there were decisions being made. The office I worked at in Los Angeles was actually closed, so I’m now working independently. Their main office is now in Texas, Austin, where we merged with True Games which is our sister company that makes free to play and browser based games.

“We’re kind of combining our resources and re-upping and rebuilding Ignition. Clearly, I think we have a big line-up coming, throughout the year and we’re going to be announcing more titles at E3.”

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