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iLogos is a leading independent game development company in Europe, providing affordable first-class game production and co-production services since 2006, primarily for mobile, cross-platform, social and browser games.

"Year by year our highly experienced team successfully completes projects of varying complexity and scope, with more than 300 projects completed to date totalling around 200 million players. With over 250 staff we cover all major areas of game development, such as art creation (2D and 3D), programming, game design, project management, QA, games porting and other services. We are proud of our successfully completed game projects and our reputation as a reliable partner for a number of well-known game companies.”

iLogos services include two business models – a game production team and a co-production. Over the past years iLogos has established collaboration with a number of leading game companies, such as Electronic Arts, Playdom, Peak Games, Wargaming, National Geographic, Social Quantum, 6waves, Upjers, FreshPlanet, Youda Games, Xyrality. iLogos can setup a complete interdisciplinary team upon client’s requirements within a very short period of time that is able to deliver a project of any scope and complexity.

“We provide you with all aspects of the game development process. Starting from early game design, we develop your game through its alpha and beta versions to its first release and beyond! Also we have got a number of our own game concepts where we look for partners as another form of co-production.”

iLogos created games for a wide range of companies, using different technologies, systems, engines, frameworks, tools and plugins, such as Unity, Flash, Marmalade, HTML5, Adobe AIR, Starling, Cocos, as well as any kind of backend technologies and graphics creation tools.

“We can create a completely new game from scratch or refactor, or maintain and support an existing project. We can also provide you with many helping hands, should your game be missing some components, for example 3D or 2D art, GUI, animation, frontend or backend development, QA or something else.”

As a globally leading independent game production studio and a service provider, iLogos is uniquely positioned to offer clients the full benefit of its game production experience.

“Your expectations and needs are the starting point for all we do. Our goal is to make you fully satisfied by providing game development services that exceed your expectations!”

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