Program launches with four announced partners

Improbable reveal first partners in company’s SpatialOS Innovation program

Improbable have today revealed its first partners in the company’s SpatialOS Games Innovation Program, and it’s largely good news for fans of massive multiplayer online games.

The first round of partners includes UK games studio Spilt Milk Studios, Berlin startup Klang Games, U.S outfit Soulbound Studios and French team Ninpo Game Studio, with each company comprising of a small indie developer.

Those curious about what’s going on under the hood might want to take notice of Spilt Milk Studio’s Lazarus, which has been running Open Beta events and so is probably at an advanced stage of developing with SpatialOS.

Those games selected as Improbable’s partners in full:

Seed by Klang Games

Klang is made up largely of CCP Games veterans, and so as you might imagine, it’s spacefaring. Seed is a game about planetary settlement, that uses SpatialOS to set the game in a shared, persistent world.

Lazarus by Spilt Milk Studios

Lazarus is a multiplayer, top down space shooter, featuring alien factions squabbling over land across 2d battlefields.

Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound Studios

Chronicles of Elyria (pictured) is an MMORPG where characters get old, die, and have a legacy that spans the ages inside the game. It’s built in the Unreal engine, and allows players to play as several different characters of a single bloodline to build legends.

Vanishing Stars: Colony Wars by Ninpo Game Studio

A massively multiplayer real-time strategy title spread out over thousands of star systems, with battles raging across thousands of star systems, each filled with their own planets.

"These are just the first of many innovative game projects we will be supporting through subsidised access to SpatialOS and cloud computing," said CEO Herman Narula in a statement.

"We win by showing the many possibilities SpatialOS opens up to game developers, so we will be aggressively supporting innovative projects like these."

Each of the first 4 games in the partner program seem to be focussing on the massively multiplayer aspect, but it’ll be interesting to see who they partner with in the future.

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