Astounding stat-burst shows how the firm has become the fastest growing developer

In numbers: Zynga’s scope, sizeâ?¦ and power

Speaking at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference today, Zynga’s CTO Cadir Lee has revealed a number of stats and details which show what an impressive infrastructure and vast operation it runs.

Key stats on server farm sizes, employee counts, and data transfer from the famed Facebook game firm – responsible for the likes of FarmVille and Frontier Ville – can be found below…

10 PER CENT of the world’s internet population has played a Zynga game…

…that’s approximately 215 MLLION monthly users

That means lots and lots of web traffic, so the firm ads 1,000 SERVERS A WEEK to accommodate the data demand

All told, Zynga’s array of games move 1 PETABYTE of data every day. This is done at owned data centres using ‘a hybrid private/public cloud infrastructure’, according to TechCrunch

Such a complex online service means the firm’s tech can support 3 BILLION neighbour connections simultaneously for games like FarmVille and FrontierVille

And of course such a large business needs bodies – Zynga has over 1,200 FULL TIME STAFF.

They work across 13 GAME STUDIOS around the world

Of course such a large operation brings about challenges. Lee said that having to add so many servers creates a big workload – not helped by the vociferousness of Zynga’s userbase. For instance, when the firm introduced temporary Superberries to its FarmVille game to celebrate a usermilestone, 10 MILLION users planted the special items over 700 MILLION times in the weekend they were available.

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