Not a frown in sight as politicians of all parties slip away from Commons for a few goes on Kinect

In Pictures: MPs wrestling with video games

We’re not making fun of them. Far from it! But some of these snaps caused hearty laughter in the office.

Below are some fantastic action shots of well-respected MPs sincerely, blissfully, and sometimes strenuously, embracing the video game.

The images were taken from the first ever Parliamentary Games Day, held this month thanks to the commendable organisational skills of lobby group Gamers’ Voice.

Scroll down to see pics of the UK’s legislature punching, shouting and mocking each other like some kind of frenzied late-night PMQs session.

[Honourables who attended: Luciana Berger, Clive Betts, Alun Cairns, David Davies, Don Foster, David Hanson, Simon Kirby, Karen Lumley, Jason McCartney, Nigel Mills, Stephen Mosley, Andy Nuttal, Stephen Timms, Ed Vaizey, John Whittingdale]

Welsh Conservative MP Alun Cairns gets the ball rolling after a short stretch – he’s playing Rare’s Kinect Sports here, in what seems to be the 100m sprint.

Conservative MP David Davies steps in on Alun for a spot of Kinect boxing. Notice David has kept his guard up; a telltale sign of ring experience.

Smiles turn to game faces as the pair battle through the final seconds of the round. Look at David Davies go! He truly puts the ‘MP’ in ‘thump’ (I’m so sorry).

Lib Dem MP Don Foster observing the boxing talent like a true Don King prodigy. Incidentally, we’ve got about 15 pictures of him from the event, and his smile is that wide in each one. He loves it!

Foster has his own scrap with Conservative MP John Whittingdale. We’ve just about resisted the urge to make some half-hearted Coalition joke, though it took some convincing. What’s amazing, though, is Don Foster’s super-quick fists. He’s a blur!

Ah, a classic boxing play here – raising your fists in victory before the judges give their scores in. You haven’t fooled us, Don!

Action shot of Labour MP Luciana Berger at Kinect bowling. The other day she questioned Cameron in PMQs on tax breaks; proper awesome.

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey politely explains to Luciana how and why she’s going to lose.

BOOM! Look at that. Even before a pin is hit, Ed knows he’s won.


Behind the game playing there was also pockets of networking. Here, Vaizey’s talking to Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone, who’s heading up a NESTA skills review for the games industry. Develop’s read it, and it’s inspiring. More on that when the embargo lifts, Feb 1st.

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