Batman director continues Hollywoodâ??s game push

Inception director Nolan plans game â??spin-offâ??

Christopher Nolan, the celebrated director of recent Batman films, has revealed plans to make a game based on his recent feature film Inception.

Publisher Warner Bros – which continues to expand its business across the game industry – said that the Inception film has grossed $753 million worldwide to date.

Now the ‘cognitive heist’ film will make its way to the interactive medium, according to Nolan.

“We are looking at developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can’t fit into a feature film," said Nolan at a press conference in Rome.

“That’s something we’ve been talking about and are looking at doing long term, in a couple of years.”

Hollywood and the game industry have circled each other for a number of years, sparking lucrative deals for both sides. Though many say there still exists a deep-rooted misunderstanding between both sides on how to approach the merger.

Many developers believe that the two sectors shouldn’t collide as much as they do.

Warren Spector, the widely-respected Disney Interactive creative director, says there’s no shame in games stealing the most useful elements of other media.

However, the Junction Point founder urged caution on taking inspiration too far – he said developers who mimic film, as so many do, are in danger of missing what makes games unique.

“We are in a sense an amalgamation of all these other media,” Spector said.

”But is that all we are? That question has always really bothered me. I just can’t believe that. We don’t want to make games like other media. We cannot be bound by the conventions of other media. We have to make our own conventions.”

But of late, an increasing number of film directors have embraced the interactive medium.

Steven Spielberg has worked with EA to make the puzzle title Boom Blox, while Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro has signed a deal with THQ.

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