If you thought that  Virtual Console, XBLA or Sony's PlayStation Store were the only way to get casual games on a games machine, think again - new site WiiCade has opened to get browser-based games working on Nintendo's new home console.

Indie dev devises portal for web games on Wii

Although currently a little hampered by the fact that the Nintendo Wii’s Opera-based internet browser has been delayed, Wiicade.com has a variety of Flash-based games available that can run on the Wii once the browser is up and running. Presumably, the site also works on Sony’s in-built PS3 web browser, although the gameplay in the all the games relies on the Wii Remote’s mimicking of mouse control.

According to a story on Joystiq, the site is the brainchild of artist/designer David Stubbs and two colleagues. The site already hosts 22 titles, but that’s a number presumably set to rise – Stubbs and co. want other Flash programmers to submit and new titles.

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