List of investors triples to 21 companies

Indie Fund reveals new investing partners

Indie game investor group Indie Fund has announced the addition of a host of new partners, as well as its backing of Steam Early Access release Armello.

Indie Fund was founded by seven members in 2010, including World of Goo developer Ron Carmel and Braid creator Jonathan Blow. Five years and 30 indie games funded later, the list of investors has tripled to 21 individuals and companies.

"Last year we started partnering with individual investors outside of the fund with good results. More people got to participate, which meant developers had access to more capital, ideas and advice," Indie Fund’s announcement post read.

"With this more ad-hoc model, investors could vary the amount they wanted to put into each game, allowing more flexibility depending on life changes, interest in the specific projects, and how much money is available. Games like Future Unfolding, Duskers, and now Armello have been funded with this more flexible model."

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