Investing group says changes will enable support to a wider array of projects

Indie Fund to change investment model

Angel funding group Indie Fund has unveiled changes to their Investment Model they hope will make them more flexible.

The independent games financing group has been funding projects for digital distribution for over two years.

"A lot has changed," reads the announcment. ". Two years ago, the digital distribution landscape was much more console-centric, and today there’s a stronger focus on mobile, browser, and PC."

As console games have gotten more expensive to produce, other formats have adopted models that make production faster and cheaper.

The changes are designed to enable the Indie Fund to support projects on both extremes of the spectrum.

Under the old model, the funding group would receive all revenue until their investment had been repaid. Once the loan had been recouped, Indie Fund would take a 1% cut for two years, or three years had passed after release, at which time the agreement was nullified and the developer would claim all revenue.

The new model is simpler, and gives the Indie Fund a larger cut, but only until they have doubled their original investment, or two years have passed since release. The funding group claims all revenue until the loan in repaid, and 25% after that until their investment doubles.

These changes should allow the indie fund to invest in smaller projects that would have been unprofitable, and larger projects that would have been too risky under the old system

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