Hotline Miami, QWOP, Unfinished Swan, Bit.Trip developers and others turn to Kickstarter to establish creative centre

Indie superstars back LA Game Space

A new Kickstarter campaign striving to secure funds for a non-profit centre of games design has been launched, offering backers a bundle of 30 new experimental games by some of indie’s biggest names.

The Kickstarter project hopes to raise $250,000 to fund the creation of LA Game Space, offering backers who pledge $15 the Game Pack, which includes work by 30 developers including the Hotline Miami, QWOP, Unfinished Swan and Bit.Trip series creators.

The centre itself is to be established in a warehouse in LA’s arts district, and will, if funded, bring together spaces for artist residencies, a number of galleries, so-called research labs, and an area for workshops and speaker presentations.

A number of high profile and fashionably hip artists are already on board in providing extras for those who pledge more than $15, including pixel artist eBoy and graphic designer and cartoonist Jon Burgerman.

"We are creating a place for discovering the potential of video games," reads the project’s Kickstarter page. "The Space is in Los Angeles, but everyone online will be able to participate in our talks, workshops, and exhibitions. All of our programs are open to anyone in the world.

"LA Game Space is a non-profit center for video game art, design, and research. It is a place for game innovation, education, and exhibition; where all of us can play and make and study and showcase games."

The LA Game Space Kickstarter page can be found here.

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