God game raises £40,000 over weekend to hit funding target with just days left

Indies spark funding overdrive on Maia Kickstarter

Indie developers have helped drive forward Simon Roth’s Maia Kickstarter to smash through its £100,000 funding goal with just days to go.

Described as Dungeon Keeper meets Dwarf Fortress on an alien world, the god game had been struggling to gather enough donations from contributors, and was stuck around the £60,000 as recent as Friday.

But the wake of new indie ‘Hug’ bundle tier over the weekend costing £56, featuring titles such as Death Ray Manta, Project Zomboid, VVVVVV, Revenge of the Titans and Battle Cave, the Kickstarter campaign went into overdrive with Roth now securing the funding to develop his title.

Support for the project also gathered momentum via publicity from developers such as Martin Hollis and Mike Bithell over Twitter, as well as Minecraft creator Markus Persson giving the campaign a mention during Minecon.

A video from YouTube’s ‘Totalbiscuit’, whose channel has 831,000 subscribers, also helped the project beat its funding goal with a video recommending people to back the title.

The Kickstarter campaign currently stands at £115,907 at the time of writing from 6,389 backers, with 50 hours left to go.

UK-based developer Simon Roth has previously worked on titles such as Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV, Kincetimals and The Outsider, as well as doing graphics research and development for Mode 7 Games.

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