RPG Exiles of Embermark will be first release from side project of Tim Harris and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian

Industrial Toys devs open new venture Gunslinger Studios

The partners behind mobile developer Industrial Toys have created a new studio to support their next upcoming title.

Tim Harris and Alex Seropian, who was formerly president of Halo creator Bungie, helped found Industrial Toys back in 2012, releasing first-person shooter Midnight Star early last year.

Their new outlet, Gunslinger Studios, will exist alongside Industrial Toys, with both Harris and Seropian staying in their current roles at the latter firm.

Gunslinger will serve primarily as a launch platform for new RPG Exiles of Embermark (pictured), which Harris said was promising enough to justify a new studio.

"One of the titles that we’ve been working on has come together so well that we’re spinning off a new studio to bring it and others like it to life,” he explained.

“The new company is called Gunslinger Studios, not because we’re cowboys, but because we’re making games that give players synchronous multiplayer in under 60 seconds, narratives determined by the player community, and fiercely one-handed controls that turn your phone into a weapon of (gaming) destruction for your friends.”

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