Reports suggest the Texas-based developer has shut down

Infernal Engine creator Terminal Reality closes doors – report

Terminal Reality, the developer behind the Infernal Engine, has reportedly shut down operations.

News of the studio’s closure first circulated when former employee Jesse Sosa posted on Facebook that Terminal Reality "seems to have finally shut down", according to Gamasutra. Sosa worked at the firm for ten years.

No official announcement of the shut down have been released. A Texas Government site still lists the company as active.

Gamasutra observes that Terminal Reality’s website is currently a placeholder that directs users to the studio’s Facebook page, and that comments from current employees under Sosa’s Facebook post do not dispute his claims.

Terminal Reality licensed its Infernal Engine to other developers. It was perhaps best known for its BloodRayne games, as well as Hollywood collaboration Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Its most recent release was The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which was released for PC and consoles back in March. The game was panned by critics for various glitches and technical oddities.

Develop has contacted the studio for comment.

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