Two upcoming peripheral-led titles, The Strike and The Hunt, being developed with Terminal Realityâ??s new engine

Infernal Engine licensed out to Piranha Games

Texan group Terminal Reality has announced that its proprietary Infernal Engine has been licensed for two new titles in development at Canadian outfit Piranha Games.

Piranha’s The Hunt and The Strike are two multiplatform titles that are said to come with their own peripherals. The Hunt is said will use a light-gun rifle for the game’s sport-hunting challenges, while The Strike’s bass fishing games will be played with a fishing pole peripheral. Both games will be available for the Wii, PC and Xbox 360.

The versatility of those platforms, and indeed the way in which both games are played, is a testament to the adaptability of the Infernal Engine. That was the conclusion of the firm’s VP of Sales and Marketing Joe Kreiner.

“The world of videogames is a varied one. Everyone knows about Ghostbusters [also built around Infernal], but we at Terminal Reality believe in the extreme versatility of the Infernal Engine,” he said.

Terminal Reality, which has only very recently agreed to licence out its Infernal Engine, will be showcasing the software at E3. Details of Piranha Games’ upcoming peripheral-led duo are scarce.

Russ Bullock, company President at Piranha Games, praised the Infernal Engine for being “very versatile, allowing us the freedom to create immense environments with a high level of realistic detail,”

“Most impressive is that we did not have to sacrifice the level size when we developed The Strike for the Nintendo Wii,” he added. “This truly is a cross-platform engine. The support we received from Terminal Reality was really impressive.”

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