Infinity Ward wants more support for smaller games

The team behind retail’s most important game says the industry must show more support for the smaller titles on the release schedule.

Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling says he’s active in promoting games on Twitter and Facebook, insisting coverage should not be reserved for just the highest profile games.

There are a ton of amazing games that don’t get nearly the amount of coverage they need to get,” he told MCV.

Developers are churning out great products, and it is a little bit of everybody’s responsibility to make sure we are giving kudos where it is deserved, and not just to whatever the highest profile thing is. From a personal standpoint, I try to champion whatever I like online – whether it is an XBLA game, triple-A title or a budget release that has a great feature. There are a lot of amazing games out there and those are the types of things that inspire bigger games.”

Bowling’s comments came during his latest press tour for Modern Warfare 3, which is certain to be the biggest game of the year by a long way. But Bowling says the team try to block out the hype.

We never focus on game sales,” he added. We don’t look at numbers from a development side. We are only focused on building on the expectations our core fans have for us and we have for ourselves. We have to stick to core design philosophies and not get caught up with buzzwords.”

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