Speculation suggests that title is the new name for Overstrike

Insomniac developing new IP, Fuse

Ratchet & Clank maker, Insomniac Games, is working on a new IP tited Fuse.

CEO Ted Price revealed the game during his PAX keynote, Gamasutra reports, which was accompanied by a website with a countdown timer which is scheduled to expire later this month.

Speculation points to Fuse being the new name for the developer’s previously-announced new IP, Overstrike, which hasn’t been seen since E3 2011.

During his keynote, Price also detailed his four pillars of game design.

To start with, Price believes the first thing developers need to focus on is doing one thing better than anyone else, and let that inform the rest of their development.

He advised developers to put the fun first and let art, story and visuals be “subservient” to the player’s experience.

“That’s dangerous! That’s putting off the inevitable,” he said. “All the fun stuff – story, character, visual – has to be subservient to fun. And once you figure out what’s fun you have to prove it every single day.”

Next, he explained developers must define their audience. He said they have a better chance of reaching consumers if their title is tailored for a specific audience, be that mobile, shooter, Facebook and so on.

Finally, Price recommended that developers make the game experience personal.

“The creation process should be an intensely personal experience,” he said. “You are sharing your interests and experiences and putting yourself in everything you make.”

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