GDC08: Nocturnal offers PS3 source code and technical insight to the development community

Insomniac reveals tech-sharing initiative

Ratchet and Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac has unveiled a new scheme whereby it will share PS3 tech and know-how with other developers.

Based at it’s new Nocturnal site, the initiative is designed to encourage greater
communication and information sharing among the development community
because it will ultimately enable us all to create better games at a lower
development cost," said Mike Acton, engine director, Insomniac Games.

Insomniac launches an R&D site in August 2007, which it has updated weekly since. In the coming weeks, the site will be updated with source code distributed under a liberal open-source licence.

The studio has proprietary ‘third-generation tools’ for the PS3 and wants other developers to use them having chose to share them to stop the sector’s "wasting resources across the industry and ultimately affecting consumers’ gameplay

"We see Nocturnal as a long-term project that may be valuable for those who want to develop similar technology as us, but without the same effort we needed," added Acton.

"We also believe Nocturnal may be valuable for our fans to gain insight to our production processes, while communicating our ideas with a larger group gives us the opportunity to generate feedback on our approaches and ultimately improve them."

Insomniac is one of the few studios working on its third PS3 game, with Resistance 2 recently announced.

The Nocturnal site can be found here.

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