Much-loved PlayStation developer to make its first multiplatform game â?? but firm will still work with Sony

Insomniac signs with EA Partners

Some may call it the unthinkable. Insomniac Games, the PlayStation studio responsible for key Sony franchises Ratchet & Clank and Resistance – and creator of Spyro the Dragon – is to embark on its first multiplatform project.

Thanks to a deal with EA Partners, the firm is working on a new 360/PS3 title while also continuing its work with Sony.

Crucially for Insomniac, the studio will get to retain ownership of the IP for the game, while EAP will handle sales and distribution.

Announced today, the deal represents a step change for Insomniac. The 200-strong studio is known for its slate of PlayStation games – and amongst developers for its database of PS3 technical documentation.

Speaking to Develop before the deal was unveiled, Insomniac CEO Ted Price said:

“Our relation ship with Sony remains strong.

“However we looked around and talked with many partners who have global publishing power and expertise across multiple platforms – but EA is clearly very strong globally and, more importantly, EA Partners works with independent developers who own their properties.

“When we started talking we realised we are very compatible in terms of our creator-led approach to games and our focus on quality over quantity.”

Price said the new project, the details of which are unannounced at this time, was designed as a multiplatform release.

“Our goal was to be multiplatform on this title from the beginning,” he said.

“We will continue to make games for Sony, but we want to reach more gamers. And the relationship with EAP allows us to do that.”

Price added that the game itself will be unveiled “when we’re ready”. He wouldn’t offer more details on the game but said, when discussing the variety in Insomniac’s slate given it makes both Ratchet and Resistance, “we like to continue to experiment”.

EA Partners boss David De Martini added: “I think it’s quite a feather in their cap that they can create a range of experiences – very few entertainment firms can go from one genre to another. In film it’s unlikely that a studio can go from horror to comedy.

“Insomniac’s strength is not only offering quality experiences across a genres but great experiences within them.”

The announcement comes just weeks after EA Partners announced it had signed a similar deal with Respawn, the studio formed by ousted Infinity Ward bosses.

Activision, even more recently, announced it had signed a 10-year deal with Bungie for a new title.

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