GDC Europe: Web games studio makes substantial move into music gaming with Instant Jam

InstantAction unveils music-based title

InstantAction has revealed its new free-to-play online music-rhythm game Instant Jam at GDC Europe today.

According to InstantAction the game, which is currently available in a Facebook Beta version, is set to be embeddable anywhere online in its final version, and to make use of the individual music libraries of consumers. It will also operate with any USB guitar controllers.

“We created Instant Jam because we believe people should be able to play along to any song from any band or any genre they like, rather than be confined to a handful of pre-set songs chosen for the game they’re playing,” said InstantAction CEO Louis Castle.

“We also strongly believe that games – like other forms of entertainment media – should be easier for consumers to discover, try, enjoy and share. Instant Jam embodies all of this and provides music lovers with a powerful new way to interact while experiencing their music.”

The new game will be made available first on the PC, with Mac and Flash versions to follow afterward.

“The best part of working on a triple-A game that lives online is that, unlike a boxed product, we’re not done when the game goes live; we’re just getting started,” said executive producer of Instant Jam Amir Rahimi.

“Currently, Instant Jam has all of the gameplay people have come to expect from premium rhythm games on consoles. We’ll be continually adding support for new songs, major features such as fully customisable avatars and more social elements based on feedback from our community.”

InstantAction head of business development Jed Weitzman was also keen to outline what he saw as the major strengths of the new product.

“Instant Jam gives consumers a powerful new way to engage with the artists and bands they love; it actually encourages and rewards them for purchasing music they can play anywhere,” he said.

“Instant Jam is more than a game – it’s an open platform for discovering and experiencing music with friends through the power of social media. It has incredible potential to help artists showcase and sell their music by engaging fans in a genuine and impactful way.”

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