Interior Night is a new London based studio with a narrative focus

Leaving behind a lead designer role at Quantic Dream, where she worked on both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, Caroline Marchal has founded a new studio in London, reports. Interior Night currently consists of Marchal and a collection of ex-Sony cohorts, who are looking forward to creating narrative experiences with which they hope to bring new people into games, specifically “people who love shows like Breaking Bad or Fargo but who do not necessarily game".

Interior Night plans to do this by creating “innovative and accessible narrative games” from its base in White City. It’s still early days for the studio, though there are hopes to employ up to twenty people within the next year. Any more than that and Marchal loses the “lean and agile” feel she’s aiming for.

"We think we can bring a TV audience to our games with streamlined mechanics – very accessible and simple interactions – and a very strong focus on story and character development, things TV shows are currently the best at,” Marchal says to

"Most households have a PC, some have a console, but not everyone in the house is a gamer or uses these devices to play. Many people use their console to watch Netflix or Amazon on their TV. That said, mobile devices are also interesting and we do have plans for them in the future, but we primarily focus on the big screens."

At a time when a large Brexit question mark still hangs over the UK development community, it’s encouraging to see new studios opening in the capital. Even better, one headed by an experienced female member of the games industry. Marchal says it best herself: “It would be great to have more Jade Raymonds, Brenda Romeros, Robin Hunickes and Debbie Bestwicks. I think it’s great to have them as role models, and that more and more women are getting prominent roles in the industry, partly thanks to the indie scene. So the trend is encouraging.”

With a basic website that promises "exciting news to come soon" and no social media channels yet live, Interior Night is clearly very new, but we’re excited to see what the studio has to show in the coming months and years.

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