Space combat sim flew home to original publishers in second THQ auction

Interplay nabs Freespace for $7,500

The rights for the Freespace franchise were returned to Interplay as part of the second auction of THQ’s assets for $7,500.

The space combat sim Freespace was originally developed by Volition in 1998 and published by Interplay, but the studio was auctioned off to THQ in 2002 as Interplay faced bankruptcy.

Thirteen years later Gamasutra has foundcourt documents that show the tides have turned: the second round of THQ bankruptcy auctions saw Volition picked up by Koch Media and Freespace once again in the hands of its original publisher.

This means that all profits from sales of Freespace and Freespace 2, as well as the rights to any sequels, belong to Interplay.

Both Freespace games are currently on offer at

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