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Interview: 100% Indie

Firstly, what does 100% Indie hope to offer as a community hub? shares resourceful tools, inspiring articles and information to encourage and motivate developers to bring their games to market. The site strives to empower and connect the grassroots indie mobile game development community so talented professionals can harness the creativity and strengths of their peers. 100% Indie believes in the power of individuals and small teams collaborating to make big things.

And other discipline such as indie filmmaking are also covered. Why is that relevant or useful to indie games developers?
The site shares resourceful tools, inspiring articles and information to encourage and motivate developers to bring their games to market. We find that inspiration can come from various places – whether it’s through film making, music or anything else that sparks creativity.

So will consumers visit the website? What’s in it for them?
First and foremost, the website is the only place where Android game developers can register to entitle them to the 100% revenue plan for Samsung Apps. The website is also a destination to celebrate developers and their games, providing free publicity and buzz for our community, not to mention insightful articles from thought-leaders in the creative industry.

And does 100% Indie stand as a route to publishing/distributing games. If so, how does that work, and how is Samsung involved?
To clarify, 100% Indie it is not a publishing nor distribution route – it is merely a program which provides registered developers with the unique opportunity to benefit from a pre-negotiated 100 per cent revenue share plan* over two years on Samsung Apps.
The developer will self-publish on a non-exclusive basis on Samsung Apps – meaning that the same game can be sold on any other app store platform. Each game gets curated by the 100% indie team, and will be issued an invite code once passed. This invite code is needed on a per game basis when submitting through Samsung Apps to benefit from the revenue share plan. Last but not least, it is important that developers contact the 100% indie team via before signing up at Samsung Apps so that the account is set up correctly.

Will 100% Indie focus just on games as Samsung Apps, or grow to include various other formats?

The 100% Indie initiative is strictly a partnership between Chillingo and Samsung. Our efforts are focused on Samsung as they grow the Samsung Apps marketplace.

How does 100% Indie remain related to or supported by Chillingo?
100% Indie is a separate division of Chillingo with completely separate teams. Chillingo focuses on partnering with indie developers who seek a publisher to help polish, fine tune and promote their games across multiple platforms. 100% Indie is focused on working with developers who prefer to self publish their Android titles on Samsung Apps and take advantage of the unique revenue share opportunity. 

If a developer was unsure about getting involved with 100% Indie, what would you tell them? Why should they join in?
Android developers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating in this non-exclusive program. The time is now to take full advantage of the great revenue opportunities. Samsung’s devices are extremely popular with consumers who are seeking great games to play. Why not participate in 100% Indie, let us help get your game on Samsung Apps fast and get it discovered by millions of consumers worldwide, oh, and earn all the revenue from the sales of your game.

Was there anything else you wanted to say about 100% Indie?
Time is of essence – we encourage developers to contact us at as soon as they can. We will guide the developer through the process of registering and submitting their games via Samsung Apps. There’s no catch or hidden agendas, our goal is to simply support indie developers and encourage them to bring their creative games to market. Our dedicated team is readily available to answer any questions about the program and look forward to working with the world’s most talented developers.

* Developers will receive 100 per cent revenue until September 3, 2013, 90 per cent revenue share from September 4, 2013 – March 3, 2014, 80 per cent revenue share from March 4, 2014 – March 3, 2015, and after March 4, 2015 on Samsung Apps, developers will receive 70 per cent revenue share. Revenue share will be net of any applicable payment gateway and/or carrier charges.

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