The Monsters vs. Aliens developer on working with Dreamworks' latest IP

INTERVIEW: Beenox talks creating movie lincenses

Today Develop has published an interview with Thomas Wilson, the creative director at Beenox, the studio behind the Monsters vs. Aliens game.

As well as discussing the pressures of working under movie deadlines and the challenge of developing multiformat releases with in-house tech, Wilson also talked about how it feels to create a tie-in with a film that delivers some of the most technically impressive computer animation in the world.

"The thing is we know where we stand. Obviously what that they have is something where they get to really pre-render any type of scene," said Wilson.

"When it comes to special effects and rendering it’s a different story when you’re talking about video games – it’s happening in real time and you’re dealing with performance issues, depending on the number of polygons running on screen and the number of characters you see on screen. All of that has an effect on what you can really do."

To read the full interview, click here.

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