The sci-fi MMO's executive producer on EVE's retail debut

Interview: CCP talks EVE Online

Today Develop has published the first of two interviews with the people behind EVE Online, which is soon to launch as a boxed product for the first time.

Today’s interview is with EVE Online’s executive producer Nathan Richardsson, who revealed the reasons behind the recent developments in publisher CCP’s ongoing activity surrounding the MMO.

"We’ve found a publishing partner who understands the long-term business model of online worlds" said Richardsson, detailing the decision to release a retail version of EVE Online. "We’re working together with Atari to bring EVE to retail in a manner which complements our product strategy as well as theirs."

In the same interview Richardsson details the new expansion to the EVE universe, the creation of the user-made ‘EVElopedia’ resource, and the challenges in consistently supporting an increasingly popular MMO.

Check back again tomorrow for our interview with CCP’s in-game economist Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson.

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