Wasteland 2 was funded by the masses, seeks art from the crowd through Unity

InXile turns to community for art assets

Wasteland 2 isn’t just a crowdfunded game anymore; inXile has called for the community to create art for publication on the Unity asset store.

One of the earliest projects to take advantage of the Kickstarter craze, Wasteland 2 is operating on a limited budget.

With assets like 3D models coming at a premium, inXile is trusting the fans that funded the project with these-big ticket items.

If selected, community artists will have their creations featured and creditted in the game and be paid for their work.

This will allow inXile to focus on the core mechanics and gameplay, hopefully resulting in a more polished experience.

The studio has published guidlines and made a test scene available so artists can see how their creations will look in the game’s lighting.

Even if a model isn’t selected for use in the game, it will be available for purchase on the Unity Asset store.

3D artists interested in submitting their work for consideration can find more information here.

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