First in a set of Serious games will be a prime numbers/solitaire hybrid

iPhone dev tackles the â??learning-funâ?? conundrum

An Orlando-based developer is set to release a series of ‘edutainment’ iPhone games for young children.

Plainvue Software’s first focus is maths (or, math) for “digital kids”. Its debut title, Fortune’s Prime, is a solitaire game fused with a challenge to identify prime numbers.

More such titles are expected to follow, with the studio playing up the merits of narrative and character in order to allure its target market.

Of that target market – elementary and middle school students – Plainvue Software may have found its biggest stumbling block in how young people may not have enough pocket-money to fund an iPhone contract or buy an iPod Touch.

Nevertheless, Plainvue has more Serious games in the pipeline, made in cooperation with local educators and game developers across Orlando, Florida.

“As students master [our] games, they master the fundamental math[s] concepts they will need to compete in the future,” said Plainvue founder Daniel Roy.

“We brought together some of Orlando’s best teachers and game developers to incorporate current research in teaching with cutting-edge video game development,” he added.

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