Partnertrans co-founder to anchor event at German developer conference

Iris Ludolf hosting Quo Vadis workshop

Iris Ludolf, the co-founder of localisation company Partnertrans, will be hosting a workshop at the 2010 German developers conference Quo Vadis. The conference will take place in Berlin from April 27 – 29.

Titled ‘World Domination – or: how will my game conquer the world?’, the workshop will take place on April 29, on the final evening of the conference.

Ludolf was keen to stress the importance of localisation in the face of rapidly emerging and growing new international gaming markets.

“The general feel among publishers is that the increasing popularity of digital distribution channels such as PSN, XBLA and iTunes and the various app-stores make localization an excellent route to additional revenue. A good working relationship between publishers, developers and localization agencies is vital to ensure a smooth localization process and to achieve optimum results.” she said.

“The workshop will highlight the interaction between publishers/developers and the localization agencies, and how together they can achieve a high standard of localized product. Publishers and developers will learn what happens behind the scenes of a localization agency and how they can help make their localized title a success with the target audiences, saving time, costs and headaches in the process.”

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