Former members of BioShock team already working on first title, The Black Glove

Irrational devs open new studio Day For Night Games

Several members of the Irrational Games team have formed a new studio following the BioShock developer’s shock downsizing earlier this year.

Called Day For Night Games, the new team is headed by Joe Fielder, a five-year Irrational veteran who co-wrote the Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite, according to Polygon.

After Fielder and several of his colleagues were made redundant, a group of them began discussing how they could continue making games that experiment with narratives and worlds, resulting in Day For Night Games.

The studio is already at work on its first title, The Black Glove (rather freakishly pictured above), and will begin a Kickstarter campaign next month. The game involves altering the past of an artist, a filmmaker and a musical act to improve their work in the present.

"Obviously, we all like to work," Fielder told Polygon. "As soon as we were out in the world, I’m sure we just started thinking of ideas and spitballing and whatnot. You definitely think ‘who would I love to work with further?’. In the case of the old crew of Irrational, there are dozens of people."

It was revealed back in February that Irrational was laying off all but 15 staff, while studio boss Ken Levine would embark on a new project with publisher Take-Two Interactive. Several studios and developers took to Twitter and other social media to help find new jobs for ex-Irrational staffers.

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