Irrational founder creates new Aussie dev

Jonathan Chey, co-founder of Irrational games and former head of Irrational Australia, has started up a new developer: Blue Manchu.

Chey has confirmed the existence of Blue Manchu in Canberra and announced its first game (a browser based collectible card game Card Hunter).

The studio was founded in August 2010 and has been working in secrecy on the game since then.The team includes several ex-Irrational developers as well as Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, and is looking to focus its energy on creating iterative online titles for the forseeable future.

Chey told MCV: "Our goal is to create innovative titles that are a bit off the beaten path. Card Hunter is a good example of that, mixing board gaming with MMO like features such as item collection and trading."

Blue Manchu has not yet given a release date for Card Hunter, but has confirmed to MCV its plans to create an iOS version in the near future.

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